Saturday, August 03, 2013

Veinte Tres.

What I love at the prime plucked age 23
I love hearing my baby girl gypsy snore every night
That charlie stops churping everytime I hold him close 
Also that he's still alive after that horrible wallet losing day
I love the fact that Im not responsible for relationship disasters (anymore)
That I lay in bed watch netflix and consider it a wonder day
That I can splurge on hair and face products cause Im a GIRL! DUH
That I have a wonderful ,time flying, heart filling job 
And I love wonderful  and some potentially wonderful people

Even though July has stole my wallet, gave me a viral/ sinus infection
and terminated a almost 8 year relationship.

July has also brought charlie, a second job and a long awaited
positive/numbing attitude towards life disasters.

cheer cheer

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